1869 Paris - Châteauneuf-du-Faou 1903

Armand Seguin was 34 when he died of tuberculosis. He was born in Brittany and studied in the Paris in the late 1880s. He took up printmaking with enthusiasm in late 1890 and 1891. Although it played a very significant part in his oeuvre, his graphic work is relatively little known and rare to find since most of his prints, with the notable exception of the large aquatint etching Le Soir that was published in L’Estampe originale in 1894 in an edition of 100 (Field 68), were never published or editioned. The work that he did on Parisian themes was very much influenced by the posters and the caricatures of Toulouse-Lautrec as well as the Nabis, whereas the Breton subjects of 1892-94 are in a style closer to the art of Emile Bernard and Paul Sérusier, prominent exponents of the so-called School of Pont-Aven.


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