1624 – Augsburg – 1693

Umbach spent most of his life in his home town of Augsburg in Bavaria (southern Germany). However, his work suggests that he was well aware of contemporary developments in the arts in both the Netherlands and Italy. It is possible that he travelled in Italy sometime between 1645 and 1652; otherwise he would have been familiar with the work of Italian artists that were disseminated throughout Europe in printed images. Although Umbach was an official painter at the court of the Bishop of Augsburg, there are only a few known surviving paintings by him.

Umbach was also a draftsman and a prolific printmaker who produced some three hundred etchings. Nonetheless, they are not mentioned at all in the the catalogues of works by German artists written by Georg Kaspar Nagler (vol. 19, 1849) and Ernst Haas (1921). Most of these etchings, generally small in size, were based on biblical subjects, scenes from the lives of the saints, and mythological themes as well as hunting scenes and numerous landscapes; together they comprise one of the most important printed oeuvres of the German Baroque.

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Etching, 121 x 79 mm (4 ¾ x 3 ⅛ inches)

Nagler 56